Jammer Tip-Protecting Your Items

Hi Jammers! Today we want to talk a little bit about how to protect your favorite items, which might include your clothing and accessories. Protecting your items not only will help keep you safe while online, but it will also help you have more fun in Animal Jam, especially once you are in the game long enough to have a nice collection of items and accessories.

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The first tip to keep in mind is never give out your password to anyone, even if someone says they are your best friend and you know them in real life. If you give out your password, even to friends, it could not only make your items unsafe, but giving out your password is against the rules in Animal Jam too. Sharing your password would allow someone to access your account without your knowledge or permission, and this can mean someone could swipe all of your items, such as sell them or give them away without your consent. You also could wind up in the middle of a bad situation if someone uses your account to break rules in Jamaa, and you could get blamed for something you did not even do if you allow someone else to use your account. Even if the person is a friend in real life, just don’t ever give them your password because your friend could get a virus and their information get hacked online, which would put your account at risk too.

Never give out your personal information to websites that are saying you can get free memberships or items. A lot of these websites are fake, especially those that want you to download a program to install on your computer, and they can harm your Animal Jam account, and give you a virus which then harms other information you have on your computer and online. Not all websites that can give you free memberships are fake or a scam, but a majority of them are, so if you want to use one of these sites, do your homework first to know which sites are legit. Either way, you should never have to give up your username or password to use these types of sites, so if any website asks for that information, then do not use it.

Trade only items you do not want or need anymore. If you put an item that you want to keep or you love on your trade list, you are asking for trouble. Only trade with people you know are legit and not going to rip you off, and only trade the items you really want to get rid of because once the item is gone, there is nothing you can do about it to get it back if it was a fair trade.

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