Jammer Tip- Want an Item Back in Jamaa?

There are times when you are playing Animal Jam where you really find a cool item or accessory that you want to hold on to. Sometimes though, you will end up missing out on the items and accessories because they often are cleared out after some time to make room for the new items. If this happens, there are a couple things you can do if you want to get that item back in Jamaa.

AJ rare wristwatch

The first thing to do, which is also the best, is to let Animal Jam Head Quarters know you would love to see that item back in stock. You can click on any of the purple question mark icons found within Animal Jam, and then submit the topic to the staff over at Head Quarters. The staff is always reading and reviewing everything you write, so if enough people want an item back, the staff will make sure to bring that item back for the players.

There is also trading allowed in Animal Jam, so you can choose to try to find someone who has the item that you want or missed out on, and they might trade you for it. The Jammer that has what you want might also want something too, and you might have what they are looking for. Trading with other players is a great way to get the items and accessories you want and sometimes the first person you ask will have the item. You should make sure though to follow the rules when you are trading and to keep your items safe, and if you are unsure of whether or not someone is good to trade with, then it’s better to not trade than to get ripped off in a trade. Animal Jam staff is really good though at keeping the scammers away so it makes it less likely that your trade will end up going south.

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