Jammer Tip- Your Username Could Get Changed

Hi Jammers! Today I wanted to talk about why you might find yourself in the middle of a username controversy. Did you know that Animal Jam can change your username? This can happen because in Animal Jam, your username is seen by everyone who plays, which means sometimes your username might end up being offensive to people. When you create your username, make sure it is following the general rules of Animal Jam, because you risk getting your name changed without your consent.

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Animal Jam Head Quarters can and will change your username without your knowledge, and once that change happens, it cannot be undone. Just to let you know, here are some of the things that could end up getting your username changed.

First, if you have a username that has any personal information in it, it will be changed. Such personal information can include your name, address or phone number, and this can be changed even if it’s not your real name you are using.

The first and last names of anyone will get you into trouble, even if the name is of someone you admire, like a singer. The first and last name rule is there to protect people because you don’t want to use the name of someone else, even if it’s not your name, and that does also follow the same personal information guideline we just talked about.

Finally, if you have a username that includes foul language or something inappropriate, Animal Jam will change your name as well. This might include even the not so obvious bad words, such as “freak” which could be used in place of another bad four letter word. Any words that are rude or mean will also get you into trouble, such as calling someone out in your name, like saying “sucks” in your name or mentioning a person then with the bad or rude word.

Just keep this in mind when you make your username so that you don’t have to be on the bad end of a name change.

  1. Dear AJHQ,
    Although I have a lot of rares, those are mostly member items. Also, members can receive gifts and use the Jammer Wall. I really want to use these amazing features. Can you give me a free membership?
    PS I record AJ every once a while.

  2. Hi AJHQ! can i have a free membership plz my username is laial11

  3. Hey AJHQ! I choose my name a long time ago and I had my first and last name in it. It recently got changed and I would like to change it from the name AJHQ gave me to an appropriate name.

    Here are my 4 names that I will be fine with:


    Thank you a lot AJHQ! I really hope one of these will be okay, but if they aren’t then please feel free to email me and tell me. Love yall! Bye.

  4. Hey, AJHQ! I’ve been trying to get a rare black long spike collar since I first started animal jam! Can you please make a code for it? Please? Oh, and have a good september!!!!!!!!!

  5. Also Please make or find a code on a headdress please I’ve been trying to get one for like, Two months. Please AJHQ! Anyway have a good september!

  6. Animal Jam HQ,
    Please change my username to DawnBlossom. The username I already have is fine but I just want it to be changed to DawnBlossom. So please change it.
    The username I have now is Blossom98712. Jam On AJHQ!

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