Jolly Jamaalidays Bundle – Exclusive Armor, 3 Animals & More!

Animal Jam and Play Wild have many seasonal events. These events only occur during a certain period, and will come back every year. Many Jammers look out to those seasonal events, since many in-game items become available during those periods. The Jamaalidays is one of the most popular seasonal events of both Animal Jam and Play Wild. It is the “Christmas” of the game.

AJHQ periodically releases bundles as well. Players that purchase a new membership, or extend their current membership, receive a special bundle of items. The special bundle for this month is the Jolly Jamaalidays Bundle. Today, we are going to take a closer look at this bundle, check out its contents and see how you can go about obtaining the bundle for yourself.

Jolly Jamaalidays Bundle Contents

The Jolly Jamaalidays Bundle contains a large amount of clothing items, den items, but perhaps more importantly, three amazing animals and a pet! This is pretty special, since most of the other bundles only contained a single animal. Let’s take a look at the contents of this bundle.

As stated above, you receive not one, not two, but three animals in this bundle! You will get the Arctic Wolf, the Arctic Fox and the Snow Leopard. In order to complete the set, you will also get a Pet Reindeer. All three of the animals and pet match very well with the Jamaalidays theme!

Now that you have received new animals, you will also want to put amazing clothing on them. Luckily, you will receive an amazing set, called the Gingerbread Armor set. As you can see in the picture below, your animal will look like a real-life gingerbread house.

On top of all of this, you will also get the Jamaaliday House; a sweet den that represents a delicious gingerbread house. To decorate your new Jamaaliday House, you will receive a ton of den items, all of which have a similar gingerbread appearance. All of the items that you receive work very well together!

The items in the Jolly Jamaalidays Bundle are valued at 55 Diamonds in total. This is an amazing bundle, a must-have for any Jammers that were thinking about purchasing a membership.

How to Get the Jolly Jamaalidays Bundle

In order to receive the Jolly Jamaalidays Bundle, you need to go to and either purchase a membership if you are a non-member, or extend your membership if you are already a member. The length of the membership doesn’t matter.

However, it is important to remember that memberships obtained through Gift Certificates or Gift Card purchases will not reward you with the Jolly Jamaalidays Bundle. If you are not able to spend any money on a membership on Animal Jam, there is one other way for you to obtain some of the bundle items.


With exception to the three animals, all items in the Jolly Jamaalidays Bundle can be traded. As stated above, you don’t necessarily need to spend money on a membership to obtain most of the items.

All clothing items, den items and even the Pet Reindeer can be traded. All you have to do is find a trader, ask if they are willing to trade with you and offer valuables in return!

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