Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Run Cheats & Tips

The month of December is a very cheerful month in Animal Jam and Play Wild. It is the time of the Jamaalidays event, a recurring, seasonal event that lasts from the beginning of December until the start of January. AJHQ decided to introduce a new type of Pack Run to celebrate the festivities of Jamaalidays. The new Pack Run is called the Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Run. Today, we are going to take a closer look at what the Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Run is all about!

Firstly, it should be noted that the Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Run isn’t much different compared to the regular Pack Runs. We will check how you can start a Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Run, what you need to do to complete the Pack Run, and ultimately, what you need to do to earn prizes!

Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Run Guide – Cheats & Tips

To start a Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Run, you first have to go to your Pack Hideout. To do so, log in to you Play Wild account and proceed by clicking on the Pack Hideout button. You can find the button at the center-left of your screen.

Once you are in your Pack Hideout, you need to click on the button with the gift in it, which you can also find at the center-left of your screen. This will bring up the Pack Runs screen on the left side of your screen. Once you are ready to start a Pack Run, simply click on the green Start Pack Run button to proceed.

Keep in mind that Pack Runs are more fun, and easier, when played with multiple Jammers at the same time. However, they can be done solo as well, but it will take longer for you to collect enough gifts to earn any prizes.

How to Complete a Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Run

Once you start the Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Run, you will notice that you have been teleported to a winter wonderland. Your objective is simple: find gifts and return them to the Christmas trees that you find all over the map.

You will run around as your animal, and when you spot any gifts, all you have to do is run and tap on them. This will allow your animal to collect them. You will also find Christmas Candy Canes, which also count as gifts. Once you have collected a bunch, make sure to run back to a Christmas tree to deliver the gifts.

Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Run Cheats and Tips

There are several tips you can use during Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Runs. First of all, it might be difficult for some Jammers to spot the Christmas trees. However, keep your eyes on the blue arrows on your screen. Those arrows indicate where the nearest Christmas tree is located.

Just like the regular Pack Runs, the Jolly Jamaalidays Pack Runs also have random action and emote potholes. You can unlock said potholes by doing the emote, or action, that it is showing you to do. You can see an example of those potholes in the pictures above. Make sure to collect them for extra points and prizes.

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