Kangaroo Facts Diamond Challenge Ends Tonight

Hi Jammers! Today there is another diamond challenge up for you to take part in, but you need to hurry because submissions will only be taken until 9 pm MST on August 30. This is the Kangaroo Facts Diamond Challenge, which means you need to submit your work on various kangaroo facts.


For this particular challenge, submit 1 to 3 different kangaroo facts to Animal Jam Head Quarters, and you can submit your entry through Jammer Central. This is located right in the heart of Jamaa Township. You can find a video on kangaroo facts on Daily Explorer or you can just type into a search kangaroo facts and then write down your top 1 to 3 fact finds.

The winners of the Kangaroo Facts Diamond Challenge will be announced later in the week, so make sure you stay tuned because we will be posting the winners as soon as it is announced on Animal Jam. There will be 5 lucky Jammers who will each win 5 diamonds for this challenge, but you need to make sure you are following all of the guidelines and getting some interesting facts in order to have the best shot at being one of the 5 lucky winners. Remember, make sure you get permission from your parents before you submit anything to Animal Jam, and make sure you do not have any personal information in your writings or other submissions because that will not be accepted or qualify for the contest. Submissions must be in before 9 pm MST tonight, August 30, so hurry and submit your kangaroo facts today!

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