Kangaroos Have Returned & Other News!

Hey Jammers!  Let’s see what we have for news this week…

This week’s Jamaa Journal brings the announcement that Kangaroos have come back from their travels!  They’ve been gone for a couple months now so those of you who have been waiting to get one, now’s your chance


Probably the biggest announcement this week is the introduction of two new Animal Jam adventures.  That’s right, TWO new adventures!


Since these adventures are brand new, they’re being tested by member wolves and arctic wolves only right now.  But those of you who aren’t members or don’t have wolves, don’t worry!  These new adventures will probably be available for everyone soon.

The new adventures are called “Proving Grounds” and “Hidden Falls”.  I’ll be making walkthrough guides for these adventures very soon so check back!


AJHQ has added a new feature where you can display your favorite masterpieces on your Jammer Wall.  All you have to do is go to your wall then click the “My Masterpieces” button!


There’s a new party to celebrate school starting again soon.  I know, nobody is excited about school starting but at least there’s a fun new party right?  You can find the schoolhouse party in the party menu!


Arctic foxes will be traveling soon so be sure to stop by the Diamond Shop if you want to get one!  They’re one of the only animals that can beta test the new adventures so if you’ve been thinking about buying an Arctic Fox, that might help you make your decision.

The foxes will be traveling on August 18th so hurry to get one while you can!


Lastly, pet meerkats are still being given away as a bonus when you redeem an Animal Jam retail gift card.  It might be time to renew your membership and get yourself a free meerkat!


Thanks for reading everyone.  Check back soon for more Animal Jam updates!


  1. You REALLY need to update this website!!! 😉

  2. I just had a BRILLIANT, idea!! You guys should totally do a back to school membership giveaway! I mean ya don’t have to, it just came to mind XD.


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