Kani Cove Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Below are the locations of all the animals for the Kani Cove Journey Book.  Be patient because some animals take time to appear.


Conch: The conch snail can be found crawling across the ocean floor near the Deep Blue entrance.


Cormorant: You’ll see the cormorant diving near the school of fish by the ship’s mast.


Cuttlefish: The cuttlefish swims back and forth near the entrance to Deep Blue.


Hammerhead Shark: The hammerhead shark swims across the screen near the sunken ship’s mast.


Manatee: The manatee appears near the sign for Tierney’s Aquarium.


Nautilus: The nautilus appears near the treasure chest by the shipwreck.


Parrot Fish: The parrot fish is swimming back and forth near the Deep Blue sign.


Sea Urchin: The sea urchin is sitting next to the sunken ship on the left side of Kani Cove.


Shrimp: The shrimp can be seen at the bottom of Kani Cove near the Deep Blue entrance.


Spotted Snake Eel: The spotted snake eel is found in the barrels between the sunken ships.


Once the Kani Cove Journey Book is completed, you get a toy boat pond for your den.


  1. wheres the shrimp it takes lit 700 years to show up!?!?!?!

  2. I can’t find the shrimp

  3. the snake takes a long time

    • ikr i gave up on it

    • I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes…. what am I doing with my life…?

    • I know this is waaay after this comment was posted but you may have been on the wrong barrels…I realized that and the snake came out pretty quickly

  4. im litteraly waiting for it rn

  5. The prize that you put on there is actually the deep blue prize

  6. about five minutes later i found the cuttlefish
    and shrimp 😀

  7. the manatee is very slow like the turtle in the lost temple of zios. ALSO I MUST FIND THE CUTTLEFISH FOR THE SAKE OF MY USERNAME, CUTTELFISH GIRL turns out it was misspelling :P!

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