Land Areas Secrets & Guide – Animal Jam

There are 7 different land areas in the Animal Jam world.  Each area is unique and represents a different type of climate and animal habitat.  Below you will find guides for each of the land areas.  Each guide contains information about the area, journey guide cheats, and other useful tips.

Appondale: This savannah area has plenty of wild animals to see and attractions to play with too.  Go for a swim in the mud pit or browse around the Conservation Museum.

Balloosh: Balloosh is the newest area in Animal Jam. It has a marshy, swamp-like habitat. There are lots of attractions to see and secrets to be discovered in this new area!

Coral Canyons: Coral Canyons is a red rock area with lots of desert wildlife and plants to observe.  Climb up on the bridge at your own risk, it looks a bit unsafe!

Crystal Sands: This area is the ideal beach getaway.  Located near all of the ocean areas, explore both land and sea in one place.  Be sure to check out the aquarium!

Jamaa Township: Jamaa Township is the hub of Jamaa.  This is where most Jammers begin playing.  This area is usually crowded but is a great place to meet new friends.

Kimbara Outback: The Kimbara Outback is modeled after the real Australian outback.  It’s been crowded lately because it’s a new area.

Lost Temple of Zios: This jungle area is full of secrets and ancient history of Jamaa.  Experiment with chemistry in Brady Bar’s Lab or check out the Chamber of Knowledge.

Mt. Shiveer: Mt. Shiveer is the only arctic themed area in Jamaa.  Here you’ll find the highest peak in the Animal Jam world.  Be careful on the ice rink, that ice looks kinda thin!

Sarepia Forest: This area is a fortress located high in the pine trees.  Usually a nice quiet place to get away from some of the busier areas.  Take a trip to the theater for some movies and popcorn.

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