Last Jamaaliday Update for the Year!

Hey Jammers!  I hope everyone is having a good break and are enjoying the Jamaalidays.  There’s only about a week left so make it count!

Let’s see what the last updates of this year are about… The mystery of what’s going on in Jamaa is still not over yet!  The Alphas have found a new strange stone and brought it to the Alpha Headquarters.  No one knows what the stone is or it’s purpose yet so head over to the Alpha HQ and see for yourself!

In case you haven’t been to the Diamond Shop lately, there are new mannequins that you can buy for your den.  When placed in your den, you can use the mannequins to display your armor and other clothing items when you’re not wearing them!  AJHQ has added more mannequins and continues to update them.  I think they’re so cool!!

Don’t forget to keep logging in every day in December to get your daily Jamaaliday gifts!  Which ones are your favorite so far?

I don’t know what your plans are for New Years but it’s way too cold for me to go outside.  So I’ll be staying in and going to the New Years party in Animal Jam!

Jammers have seen large horseshoe prints all around Jamma in the snow.  This seems like the sign of a new animal!!  What do you think the new animal is??

There’s still time to get your holiday gifts for all of your buddies!  Walmart and Target have all your favorite Animal Jam pets, plushies, cards and even candy!

That’s the last bit of news for this year, can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2018!

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