Lemurs are Coming & Sir Gilbert’s Palace

Hey everyone!  This week’s Jamaa Journal is packed with good news so let’s see what we’ve got!

First off, there’s an exciting new den available: Sir Gilbert’s Palace.  Now you can get a look at how the royal tiger alpha lives by getting his den.  Head over to the Diamond Shop to check it out!


As promised in last week’s Jamaa Journal, rhinos have returned!  They’ve been traveling all summer and are finally back in Jamaa.  They’re available for members for only 1000 gems!  So start saving or head over to our Codes Page to get more gems instantly.


Another fun bit of news is that Animal Jam is now six years old!  For those of you who have been playing since the beta days, can you believe it’s already been six years?!

To celebrate AJ’s birthday party, there’s a new code to unlock an Animal Jam birthday cake.  The code is AJBDAY6, get yours today!


Last week there was a mysterious clue hinting at the new animal coming to Animal Jam.  Well this week it was confirmed that the new animal will be a Lemur!

Congrats to everyone who correctly guessed the new animal.  The carving was in the shape of Madagascar which was kind of a tough clue but some of you guessed it anyways.  Stay tuned for more information about Lemurs when they arrive!


Normally Llamas dont mind cold temperatures but the ones in Jamaa are leaving town for the winter.  They’re going to travel somewhere warm and wait out the cold winter.  I don’t blame them!

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a Llama, now is the time to get one!  They’re only here for two more weeks before they travel so head on down to the Diamond Shop and get yours before Sept 15th.


Last week AJHQ announced the release of a bunch of new Animal Jam toys.  For those of you with fall birthdays coming up, it would be a good time to ask for some!  Plus Christmas isn’t too far away so it’s never too early to start making your list.  I know I have!


That’s all for news this week.  Check back for the next Jamaa Journal update and hopefully the arrival of Lemurs!

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