Lemurs are Here & New Adventure!

Well the announcement you’ve all been waiting for has come, lemurs have arrived in Jamaa!

Their arrival has been hinted at for a while and was confirmed in the Jamaa Journal last week and now they are here.  There’s a new minibook in the chamber of knowledge so you can learn more about them.  Or just head on over to the Diamond Shop and get one for yourself!


Also announced in this week’s Jamaa Journal is the addition of a new 2D Adventure.  This one is called The Front Lines and is available for member wolves, arctic wolves and tigers to play.

Help Gilbert fight off fierce enemies in this adventure.  2D adventures can be accessed from the Adventure Post in the Sarepia Forest.


Now you can show your buddies and fellow Jammers how much you enjoy their artwork by liking their masterpieces!  Just click the “like” button on the frame to show your support.

Best of all, you can even see how many likes your masterpiece is getting.  So get out there and like your favorite artwork!


There are some exciting changes happening in Kimbara Outback.  The Medical Center is now Gabby’s Animal Hospital.  If you haven’t heard of her, Gabby Wild is a world-traveling veterinarian and conservationist.

Gabby’s Animal Hospital is packed with lots of neat tools, videos and other fun activities so go take a look!


If you enjoy adopting pets in Animal Jam, then you’re going to love this!  Now whenever you adopt a pet, it comes with an official adoption certificate.

These certificates will tell you more about your pet like their favorite food and toy, and also their personality.  What a cool way to get to know your pets better!


In case you missed it last time, the bouncy house is now back at the Diamond Shop available for purchase.  It’s a fun addition to any den that will have your buddies wanting to come join!

Also there’s an exhibit at the Conservation Museum that’s all about African animals.  Go take a look and see what you learn!


Finally, it looks like there are some new Animal Jam retail gift cards that come with bonus pets!  These cards are on sale at select Gamestop locations from Sept 19th – Oct 9th so if you need more membership, now is the time to get it.


Check back soon for more updates on the Lemur and other Animal Jam news!

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