Light Up Friends Toys & Exclusive Promo Codes

If you are a fan of Animal Jam, you probably know that there are many different Animal Jam toys that you can purchase. The cool thing about those toys is that most of them come with an exclusive code, which can be redeemed in the game. By doing so, you will receive a special item as a gift. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Light Up Friends toys collection.

Light Up Friends Toys

The Light Up Friends toys collection was released in 2016. They are small toys that come with three accessories: a head item, wings and a Light Up Ring. You can plug the accessories into the toy itself. The Light Up Ring has a button on it. When you press that button, a light will shine off of it. If you hold that light towards the animal figure, it reveals a hidden pattern on it.

In each package, you receive a 3 inch animal figure, 2 interchangeable accessories, 1 Light Up Ring and an exclusive code that can be redeemed in Animal Jam. As mentioned above, the code will reward you with a special item in the game. Let’s take a closer look at the different toys.

Sparkle Tiger with Lightup Ring

The first item in our list is the Sparkle Tiger. The tiger is mostly orange/brown, but has lighter highlights on its stomach, face and paws. It also has blue hearts all over its body. It comes with purple goggles as a head item, sparkling wings and a purple Light Up Ring. The code that comes with the Sparkle Tiger will reward you with the Light Up Swirl Ring in-game item.

Twinkle Panda with Light Up Ring Code

The second item in our list is the Twinkle Panda. The panda looks very similar to the Posh Panda deluxe plush. It has a white head and body, and purple arms, legs and ears. One of its eyes has a purple highlight, while the other one has a star around it. The toy comes with a red hat head item, pink sparkling wings and a green Light Up Ring. After redeeming the code, you will receive the Light Up Flower Ring in-game item.

Magic Horse with Lightup Ring

The Magic Horse is a mainly white horse, with purple and pink highlights around its hooves, as well as on its mane. It has a blue and yellow party hat head item, blue sparkling wings and a pink Light Up Ring. The code that comes with the Magic Horse will reward you with the Light Up Horseshoe Ring in-game item.

Lucky Lynx with Light Up Ring Promo

The final item in our list is the Lucky Lynx. The toy is mainly blue, with lighter highlights around its face and stomach. It comes with a cupcake head item, purple sparking wings and a blue Light Up Ring. The in-game item that you receive by redeeming the code is the Light Up Paw Ring.

Where to Buy Light Up Friends Toys

The Light Up Friends Toys can still easily be found on Amazon. For example, the Sparkle Tiger toy set is currently sold for $18.99. If you are not able to find the toy that you are looking for on Amazon, you should definitely check out EBay, which has many Animal Jam toy listings.

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