Animal Jam Lit Scarf – Promo Box Item Code

We are getting close to the winter season again, and this can be felt outside, especially with the cold weather. In real life, when we want to stay warm, we put on thick clothing. One item that we see often during winter is a scarf. If you want to keep your animal warm during the winter times in Animal Jam, and make it look awesome at the same time, the Lit Scarf is just for you!

The Lit Scarf was released in December 2017, as part of the 2017 Winter Animal Jam Box. To get the Lit Scarf, you would need to redeem a code that came with the box. After doing so, the item would appear as a promo gift. Let’s take a look at what the scarf is all about!

Lit Scarf Appearance

The Lit Scarf, as the name already suggests, is a scarf that is lit up by light bulbs that surround it. The scarf itself is thick, and consists of white and red stripes. Around the scarf itself, there are white, green, red and blue lights, matching the Jamaaliday color scheme. This is the only variant of the Lit Scarf. It is not clear if AJHQ will ever release other variations of this item.

How to Get a Lit Scarf in Animal Jam

There are two options to obtain the Lit Scarf in Animal Jam. However, only one of those options will make it likely for you to be able to obtain it, while the other one will cost you real money.

2017 Winter Animal Jam Box

Even though it is very unlikely, you might be able to find a 2017 Winter Animal Jam Box that is still unopened. It will probably cost you a pretty penny, but an unopened box will still contain the redeemable code for the Lit Scarf. Simply redeem the code to receive the Lit Scarf reward.

AJ Trading

You have a much higher chance obtaining the Lit Scarf if you trade for it. Although the item is quite rare, there are still some Jammers out there that don’t want it, and are looking to trade theirs for some other valuable items. If you have some valuables yourself, you might be able to trade for the Lit Scarf. Simply go to crowded places in the game to initiate a trade.

Lit Scarf Codes

There are currently no codes available for the Lit Scarf. If you want to own the item, you are going to have to follow the options stated above. When I find any useful codes, I will make sure to update this post!

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