Llamas are Here!

Llamas are Here Llama

Llamas are finally in Jamaa! You can enjoy these cool new animals on land! They are quickly gaining popularity among Jammers everywhere. You can get them today in the Diamond Shop! They cost 10 Diamonds and are for Members Only. Go get your Llama and join in on the Llama drama today!

New Pet Contest

Animal Jam wants your opinion on what animals to release as pets next! You can pick what you’d like to see as a pet by voting directly in the Jamaa Journal post! There are three adorable options to choose from. Do you want an amazing Armadillo, elegant Elephant, or perfect Peacock? Pick today and perhaps you’ll get to keep one of these as a real pet on Animal Jam!

Freedom Party and Plushies

Freedom Gliders Freedom Pigs

The Freedom Party has returned just in time for the Fourth of July for all you Americans out there! Enjoy this wonderful celebration filled with new hats, furniture, and fireworks! Spread the joy everywhere as we continue to celebrate Summer!

The Summer Carnival is also getting in spirit with their new freedom themed plushies! Two new introductions are being made! Say hello to the new Freedom Sugar Gliders and Freedom Piglets!

Llama Books and Conservation

The fun with Llamas doesn’t end yet! The new Llama Minibook is available for Jammers to enjoy! You can find it in the Chamber of Knowledge. Completing the book earns you gems as well!

There’s also a new exhibit in the Conservation Museum called Wild Peaks! Learn all about Llamas, their habitat, and their friends in the new exhibit in the museum. Go today!

Phantom BotanyPhantom Fissure and Wall ArtPhantom Goop CanisterPhantom Lampost





There are all new items in the new adventure: Battle for Beacon! Enjoy these cool-looking phantom inspired items! None of them are for non-members, but Members can enjoy the new phantom garden items, phantom wall art, phantom lamppost, and more!

Mira Waterfall

Llamas aren’t the only thing new in the Diamond Shop! The Mira Waterfall is available for all Jammers to enjoy and it only costs 2 Diamonds! Fair warning: It takes up quite a lot of space, but looks beautiful while doing so. Get your’s along with your Llamas today!


Last, but not least, is the Parasol. It is available in the Summer Carnival and costs 600 gems. It is Members Only and you can change it’s color! Get your’s today!

Tell us in the comments what you think about these new updates! We love to hear your response. As for now, I’ll see you all very soon!


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