Long Shot Cheats for Animal Jam


Long Shot is a game found in Coral Canyons in Animal Jam.  The objective of Long Shot is to fling the armadillo as far as possible.  Click the screen at the right time to launch the armadillo a long way.


Geysers and moles will help boost your armadillo’s speed and send it flying even further down the map.  Other objects will slow down your armadillo.  Check out the cheats and hints below to see how to fling the armadillo further.


Cheats & Hints

The best time to launch the armadillo is when the rope is spinning the fastest.

Be sure to launch when the armadillo is facing the landing area.

  1. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the animal pulls the rope all the way.

  2. How do you even know when it’s spinning the fastest anyway?

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