Make a Beehive in Animal Jam Academy

Attention Jammers! Saturday was National Honey Bee Day, which means that you should have been celebrating honey bees and their contribution to our wonderful planet. Jamaa has been buzzing with thousands of pet bees in honor of this special day, and as part of Animal Jam Academy, you can learn how to make your own beehive.


Animal Jam Head Quarters wants to see the kind of beehive you can make, so click here to download the instructions for making your own beehive. Once you get your beehive finished, scan a photo of your beehive and then upload it up Jammer Central, which is located in Jamaa Township. You need to title your submission “AJ Academy” and remember not to put any personal information on your beehive in order to possibly be featured on Daily Explorer. Animal Jam will be collecting submissions from all Jammers who wish to try their luck at making a beehive, and of course, you should get creative with your beehive to show your unique style and personality. The instructions will show you how to get started, including all of the items you will need to make your beehive, but feel free to improvise and add your own unique spin to the items list. The beehive is simple to make and the directions in Animal Jam Academy are easy to follow, which means that Jammers both young and old should be able to quickly and easily make a beehive to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

You can also check out Animal Jam Academy to see even more cool art topics and Jammers can download a PDF of several different types of projects, although Animal Jam is only taking submissions for the beehive. Remember to ask permission from your parents before you decide to submit your photo of the beehive to Animal Jam, and get creative in order to possibly be featured on the website.

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