March Madness

March is here! Animal Jam is wasting no time at getting the Lucky Spirit running all over Jamaa! What better way to do so than to make a whole bunch of updates? Let’s dive into what’s new:

Lucky Clover Ad

First of all, there is a HUGE new adventure! It’s called Lucky Clovers, and boy, is it one tough adventure. You search around a GIANT map in the shape of a clover to find 50 keys and 50 treasure chests! Be warned, it takes quite a while to find everything, so I would suggest doing this only if you have an hour to spare.

So, why is this adventure worth it? Animal Jam is telling us that we can win a RARE SPIKE at the very end! Some people have gotten to it, while others haven’t got the luck just yet. (I played once and got Rare Headphones and Store Bought Woven Shoes).

*Rumors have been going around that if you say “lovely lucky clovers” in the adventure, you have a better chance at finding the clovers! It’s not confirmed, but maybe it could help you!

Clover BalloonClover Bracelet

Two new items are in the Jam Mart Clothing Store today! The first item is a cool new Clover Balloon! It is priced at 200 gems, and is for members only. You can change the color of it too! The next item is the Clover Bracelet. It is for Non-Members and only 350 gems! You can also change the color of this. These items will surely bring you luck this month in Jamaa!

Lucky Armor

While Friendship Armor is going both out of stores and out of fashion, Lucky Armor is all the rage! The total comes up to 9 Diamonds and is for members only. It’s lean, green, and a luck machine! Try it out today, see what luck it brings you!

Pi Day Ad

If you know anything about math, you’ll know one if it’s most famous numbers…Pi! Pi is a number relating to circles. You will learn about it sooner or later. It’s number is roughly 3.141592….. and it goes on for quite a long time! Anyway, March 14th is Pi Day! (As in 3/14/15. It follows the Pi Number!) During Pi Day weekend, SPECIAL ITEMS WILL BE IN STORE! Make sure to go, because this special Pi Day isn’t going to come back for quite a long time.

Paint Items

The last update for this week is new items at Jam Mart Furniture! Paint Studios are in right now, and AJ is cooperating. There are items for both Members and Non-Members so be sure to check them out if art is your thing!

So, how do you feel about this update? Love it? Hate it? Luck? Comment below! I’d love to hear your opinions. Have a great day and Jam On!


  1. Cant find last 2 clovers? Can some1 halp me?

  2. I would like to become an editor, but I don’t know
    a) who to ask
    b) how to do it

    so I will just ask in the comments.

  3. How do u become an editor?

  4. Can You Give Us A Cheat For The New Adventure Lucky Clovers In March?
    If So,Thank You So Much!

    P.S. You Are The Best Cheat Website For AJ! I Will Recomend This For My Buddies On AJ. You Are The Best Cheat Website For AJ!

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