Masterpiece Token

The Masterpiece Token, or MP Token, is one of the items that indicates if a Jammer is really active or not. Displaying it in your den will show that you are dedicated to Animal Jam.

AJHQ sometimes releases promotional items. The MP Token is one of those items. Released in March 2017, you were able to get a token by redeeming a special code. The code could be found in the Animal Jam Sketchbook, which was sold by a company called Make It Real.

After the promo ended, the token made a comeback at the 2017 Jamaaliday Gift Calendar. Jammers could get a token on the 6th and 14th day of said calendar. Lastly, 5 MP Tokens were given to Jammers that bought the Artist’s Dream Bundle in July 2018.

As you can see here, the MP Token looks like a giant silver coin. The coin has a blue center in it, and within that center, there is a golden picture frame. The golden picture frame holds a shiny glass mirror. It is supposed to resemble the Masterpiece item.

When placed down in your den, the token will float in the air. It will also spin constantly. You will only find one variety of the MP Token in Animal Jam.

Using Masterpiece Tokens

There are two uses for the tokens in AJ. First of all, it is a den item. You can place them in your den, and they will keep spinning. It is a good way to decorate your den, and make it more appealing to Jammers. You can also use them to show that you are dedicated to the game.

The tokens can also be used in the Painting activity. It has a one-time use, but when used, it will create a Masterpiece. You will not have to use your Diamonds for it. If you do not accept the Masterpiece, you can choose to receive 2 Diamonds, or get back your MP Token.

How to Get Masterpiece Tokens

You probably wonder how you can get your hands on some tokens, even if you missed the promos. Nothing to worry, there are still a few ways to get some tokens in AJ.


First of all, the easiest way to get MP Tokens is by trading for them. There are several forums on the internet where people try to figure out what a token is worth. You can find traders all over Jamaa, and they are probably willing to trade you one of their tokens. They are actually quite valuable, so you will need to trade something of equal value.

Animal Jam Sketchbook

If you really want MP Tokens, you could always buy the Animal Jam Sketchbook. It comes with a code, which you can redeem to get a token in the game. It is quite easy to find one of those sketchbooks online. Just use your search engine.

MP Tokens Codes

The only codes that exist for this item is the code that you find in the Animal Jam Sketchbook. No one would willingly share that code, as the sketchbook costs money to buy. If you are looking to trade your MP Tokens, leave a comment down below!

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