May 2018 Membership Giveaway Now Open!

Hey Jammers!  It’s been quite a while since we’ve done an Animal Jam free membership giveaway so I think it’s about time to do one!  The May 2018 giveaway is now open for entry.  Read below for how to enter!

What is this Giveaway?

The May 2018 giveaway prize is for a 3 month Animal Jam membership.  All you have to do is follow the instructions below to enter the giveaway, it’s easy!  The winner will receive a code for a 3 month membership absolutely free!

A 3 month Animal Jam membership includes a 10 diamond bonus which is enough to buy any animal from the Diamond Shop.  The code will also come with a pile of bonus gems too.  Not only that but you’ll get 3 months of all the great membership benefits including a daily diamond spin!

The winner of this giveaway will be chosen on May 31st 2018 so be sure to submit your entries before then!  I will email the winner to let them know so it’s important to enter your real email address.

Why are we doing a Giveaway?

Well one reason we’re doing this giveaway is that it’s been nearly a year since our last giveaway.  Another reason is to promote our new Facebook page.  We lost access to our old Facebook account and Facebook will not help us gain access.  So we just went ahead and created another one!

Please click on the button below to visit and like our new Facebook page!  You’ll be eligible for the giveaway prize once you like our page.

How do I enter the Membership Giveaway?

It’s easy to enter the giveaway.  Make sure you follow these instructions to be eligible to win the membership!

Step 1: Like our new Facebook page.

Step 2: Below you will see some sharing options for Twitter and Facebook.  Select one of the options and share this giveaway with your friends on social media.  You must share this giveaway before you can see the entry form.

Step 3: After you share the giveaway you will see the entry form below.  Simply enter your first name and your real email address then click “submit”.  Now you’ve entered the May 2018 membership giveaway!

Please make sure to use a real email address when you enter the giveaway.  I will choose a winner on May 31st and will email them to let them know!  If the first winner doesn’t respond then I will have to choose another so make sure to check your emails at the end of May.  Good luck everyone!

  1. Can we have another giveaway soon?? I missed this one 😣

  2. i hope i want be membership because my parents wont buy me for membership, please let me be membership and thank you.

  3. plz i have lots of friends and its savage to trd me member ship items when im not

  4. please me been wanting membership forever my parents cant get me it because they aren’t alive sadly so pls choose mee

  5. I want a membership so badly because I’ve been trying to get one this whole month and my parents need their money, and I don’t have any money myself, I’ve been wanting one forever and I haven’t had one yet and I would really like one, I know commenting on this won’t help, but I’m just trying to win because I never had one and I really want one so badly.

    • Also my name on animal jam is Rainbowwingz too lmao

  6. I hope I win this giveaway since I have never been a member but I appreciate the effort it went to doing this and you have helpful things on your site too so thanks for choosing to do this. 🙂

  7. Please, Let me win. Because my parents won’t allow me to buy a membership so im willing to expect in this giveaway that they will gave me! hope you will pick me! Thank you and Godbless!

    • I’m in it for the exact same reason. My only other hope is holiday gift cards, and my birthday already passed and Christmas is still so far away.

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