Meagyn’s Pet Bear in Animal Jam

AJHQ sometimes releases animals, pets and items into Animal Jam and Play wild which have an amazing backstory. Meagyn’s Pet Bear is one of those pets. It was first released on November 29, 2018. It is currently still available in the game. Today, we are going to take a look at what Meagyn’s Pet Bear is all about.

Meagyn’s Pet Bear came to life when a Jammer named Meagyn went to visit AJHQ. She had an educational tour there, learned everything about Animal Jam and Play Wild, and found out how the games were made. The developers at AJHQ worked together with Meagyn to design a new pet, and thus Meagyn’s Pet Bear was born.

Meagyn’s Pet Bear Appearance

In appearance, Meagyn’s Pet Bear looks like a cuddly bear cub. Compared to its head, its torso is quite small. Since its ears, hair, eyes and snout can be customized, it is impossible to say what the pet’s default appearance is. In the picture below, you can see what Meagyn’s Pet Bear looks like.

Meagyn’s Pet Bear Actions & Special Abilities

Meagyn’s Pet Bear also has its own set of actions and special abilities. Let’s take a look at those actions to see what the pet is capable of doing.

The sit action makes the pet sit down on its behind, similar to a dog.

The play action makes the pet whip out several colored balls and start juggling them while the pet itself is bouncing on a large ball.

The dance action makes the pet stand on its hind legs, and start wiggling back and forth, jump and repeat.

The sleep action makes the pet lay down on its belly and close its eyes. Animated Z’s appear above its head.

Lastly, the hop action makes the pet jump up with all four of its legs.

How to Get Meagyn’s Pet Bear in Animal Jam

There are currently two ways for you to get Meagyn’s Pet Bear. You can either obtain it at the Claws N’ Paws pet shop, or you can trade for it.

Claws N’ Paws

Meagyn’s Pet Bear is still being sold at Claws N’ Paws. The pet costs 400 Gems. It is not clear for how long the pet will be available, before being removed from the game.


You can trade pets in Animal Jam. If you rather trade for the pet, you can find a trader in one of the crowded locations in Jamaa, and ask if they are willing to trade their Meagyn’s Pet Bear with you.

Meagyn’s Pet Bear Codes for AJ

There are currently no codes available for Meagyn’s Pet Bear. Luckily, you don’t need any codes to obtain one for yourself. All you really have to do is go to Claws N’ Paws pet shop. The shop is located in Appondale.

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