Meet Cosmo Cheats & Guide

Meet Cosmo is the third Animal Jam Adventure which was recently released for members. In this adventure, you have to help Cosmo find the missing koalas that have been captured by the phantoms and restore the land to the koalas.


Once again, the phantoms have polluted the streams and Cosmo’s crops aren’t growing.  First grab the watering can and water all 7 plants in his garden.


Then Cosmo tells you that 3 koalas have been captured and you need to find them.  First help Cosmo make his formula for boomseeds.  The first 3 ingredients he needs are nectar, chomper seeds and honey.  You can find the chomper seeds and nectar inside of Cosmo’s den.  The chomper seeds are upstairs.


The nectar is found in a plant downstairs.


You can find the honey in a tree near the bottom of Cosmo’s garden.


Cosmo will now ask you for 4 different vegetables from his garden.  The vegetable are different every time you play but he gives you clues as to what kind of vegetable he needs:

An orange vegetable that rabbits love = carrots

Small red fruit = strawberries

Yellow vegetable that grows in stalks = corn

Red and pink vegetable that grows in the ground = radishes


Once you find all 4 vegetables for Cosmo, the boomseed recipe will be complete.  Click on the boomseed tree to collect them.  You can hold up to 3 boomseeds at a time.  To use them, just click on the boomseed icon at the top of your screen and drag the boomseed to where you want to use it.

Boomseeds can be used to defeat phantoms and break the boulder barriers.  Take a boomseed from your inventory and use it to break the boulders blocking the path.  Keep following the trail to the first cavern.  You’ll find a koala standing next to a set of pipes.  You have to learn the nightingale’s song and play it on the pipes.

Nightingale’s song: blue, green, orange, purple, orange


Once you play the song correctly, a vine ladder will drop from the cliff to your left.  Climb up the ladder and use your boomseeds to break the boulder barrier.  Be sure to pick up more boomseeds before you enter the cavern.

Explore around the cavern to find the key for the koala cage.  Use the key to set the koala free and then exit the cavern.  Make your way through the forest using your boomseeds to break the rock barriers.  Keep following the path until you get to a polluted river.

Find all 3 corks to stop the pipes from polluting the river.  Once the water is clear again, cross the river and enter the second cavern.  Once again, explore the cavern to find the key.  Use the key to set the koala free and exit the cavern.

Follow the trail and use your boom seeds to break the barrier.  You’ll find Isaac the koala near a broken foot bridge.  He tells you he needs rope and timber to fix the bridge.  Walk to the left and you’ll find a treehouse with two koalas in it.  The first one wants some bananas in exchange for timber.


Exit the treehouse and follow the trail back until you see a banana tree.  Grab some bananas and bring them back to the koala in the tree house.  He will give you the timber, bring the timber to Isaac by the bridge.  The other koala in the tree house wants some apples in exchange for his rope.

Find the apple tree near the bridge and bring one to the koala in the treehouse.  The koala will give you the rope in exchange for the apple.  Bring the rope to Isaac and he’ll fix the bridge.

Cross the bridge and use one of your boomseeds to break the boulder in front of the cavern.  Explore around the cavern until you find the purple key.  Set the koala free from its cage using the key.  Cosmo will appear and thank you for saving his koala friends and restoring the land.

The adventure is complete!  Go through the portal back to Base Camp.

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  4. Awesome! I spend 30 minutes finding the apple and bannana but thanks to this I spend 30 minutes in total to do the adventure!

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  8. what are the notes for the bird?

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