Mt. Shiveer Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Use the guide below to find all of the items for the Mt. Shiveer Journey Book.  Some animals may take a few seconds to appear.


Gold: Gold can be found to the left of the Crystal Sands entrance on the wall.


Hawk Moth: The hawk moth can be found flying near the bridge to the Sarepia Forest.


Himalayan Poppy: This plant is located to the left of the Cocoa Hut.


Himalayan Tahr: This animal can be found climbing up the top of the mountain above the slide.


Juniper: The Juniper tree can be found at the bottom of the area between the hot springs and the Cocoa Hut.


Partridge: You’ll find the partridge to the left of the campfire.


Lemming: This small animal can be found to the right of the ice slide, about halfway down.


Permafrost: The permafrost can be found to the right of the ice rink.


Red Panda: The red panda can be seen climbing the bamboo to the right of the hot springs.


Slate: This rock can be found above the Cocoa Hut on the side of the cliff.


Yak: You can see a herd of Yak to the right of the Gem Breaker game when the fog clears.


After finding all of these animals, you’ll get a Red Panda Plushie as a gift.


  1. It seems like the journey book isn’t working lately. I tried clicking on items I knew worked but nothing happened, I tried both in mount shiveer and call of the alphas. What is going on?

  2. The lenning is to the left of the slide not the right

  3. i can’t click the gold!!!>:(

  4. it’s very hard to find the gold but just look carefully

  5. The gold pretty easy to miss because of its rock-like texture/look so just be on the look out.

  6. The gold depends on when it will be there u just need to go and stay there every once in a while near the cave enterence

  7. i found the gold, its next to the firepit

  8. Can you PLEASE help me find the Gold on the mountain? I have looked and clicked where it should be and it isnt there. DO I need to wait a month? I have been looking for over 3 weeks. Please HELP!!


  9. the gold is no longer on the left wall

    • have you ever found the gold anywhere else?

    • the gold i was standing there for like 20 minutes and no gold was left to be found not a peice nothing and i was disapointed because i wanted the plushie and sorry about the spelling im terrible

  10. i click were the gold was and it said i found it lol

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