Mt. Shiveer Secrets & Guide – Animal Jam

Mt. Shiveer is an arctic area located above Jamaa Township.


This area is only accessible on foot from the Sarepia Forest.  Mt. Shiveer usually isn’t as crowded as other areas but still has some very fun attractions and is a great place for finding new buddies.


Mt. Shiveer Journey Book Cheats Guide


Ice Rink: The ice rink is a frozen pond located near the center of Mt. Shiveer.  The rink is often crowded with jammers trying to break the ice.  It is rumored that there may be a seal kingdom underneath and that only seals are able to break the ice.  Check it out for yourself and see!


Ice Slide: This curvy slide starts at the top of the mountain and winds its way down to the bottom.  Enter between the two flags.


Hot Springs: The hot springs is a heated pool located near the ice rink.  You can sit in the pool and look at the Plesiosaur frozen in the ice.



Hot Cocoa Hut: This is the purple tent near the center of Mt. Shiveer.  Inside you’ll find a hot cocoa machine and a shop that sells winter clothing.



Gem Breaker: Try to shoot a colored gem at a group of matching gems to earn points.  Break the gems down before they reach your shooter.

Hot Cocoa Machine: This is more of a customization process than a game.  Choose your cup and what color you want it to be.  Then choose your drink and what heat you would like.  Finally you can pick your toppings and extras.

  1. Hey Members, I am making a Mt. Shiveer themed den, trd me stuff that reminds you of Mt. Shiveer please oh and my user is BlackStanford, thanks if u do! And feel free to buddy me!

  2. in the passeg way from crystal sands to coral canyon at the end of the passege way there is a secret hole that has a lamma on it

  3. do we really get a membership at mt shiveer?

  4. Is mt shiver really a volcano because of the hot springs?

  5. well, now that the seal img is now an arctic fox, it must have been a clue about what animal was coming to jamaa

  6. IT is a blue whale not a plesiosaur. turn it around.

    • it is a dino look at the “whales tail” to see the dinos head so it is a fact that it is a plesiosaur..

  7. I love going to MT.Shiveer. Not many people there

  8. my username is miniswirl. plz make me a member or I’m quitting aj! plz plz plz plz make me a member someone. look me up

    • ur not miniswirl cookie swirl c is miniswirl

  9. thanks and keeeep jammin

  10. My fellow seal friends come to mount shiveer plz

  11. im trying to break the ice in 9 pplz there 🙂

    • You cannot break the ice in Mt Shiver. AJHQ even made a post saying that it can’t be broken. Anyone who tells you it can is lying.

  12. Umm, Mt. Shiveer is not my favourite place in AJ…..
    My favourite place is probs. Crystal Sands cuz you can hang out with your buds and wear epic shades, without being told you’re weird! (or getting dirty looks from jealous non-members)

    Everyone at Crystal Sands is civilized!

    Also, you put about Sarepia Forest being the only on-foot access, which is not true anymore because Crystal Sands has a cave through to Mt. Shiveer, showing clearly how old this blog is, (possibly how old you are, too, no offense blogger), therefore BYE.

    Peace Out. Visit me and stuff, from -gemmarocks112-

  13. Wow I did not know that seals could only break the ice and there was a sea kingdom inside!!!! So cool I half to break it with my buddy’s and aj? Would it help to where ice boots?

    • idk about boots but yes there is a legend of the seal kingdom,years ago the entrance was blocked by ice and thats where the entrance with the seal picture come from

    • Well its rumored. Its not true but its fun to try it!

  14. I love Mt Shiveer. I like to try and break the ice. I never realised that you can see a dinosaur in the ice!

  15. cool will definitely use this clue

    • user: fluufy82038 pass: fluffyfox. it may work. have fun its non member but it has a lot of stuff! my other account is sealt buddy me plz I have like 3 rares.

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