Animal Jam Multipack Toys

Anyone that is familiar with Animal Jam knows that there are a ton of animals and pets in the game. Since it would be quite difficult to collect each of the animals in toy form, the makers of Animal Jam decided to release Multipack Toys. These packs contain a large amount of figures, accessories, as well as an exclusive code in each pack to unlock in-game items with. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the different Multipack Toys, and see what they consist of.

Dress Up Friends

The Dress Up Friends Multipack is the first set in our list. The set contains a total six animal figures, which are 3 inches in size. It also has six pet figures, which are 1 inch in size. On top of that, you will find six interchangeable accessories in this set. The accessories come in the form of head items and wings.

Lastly, there is a special code in this Multipack that will reward you with six in-game items, which are as following: Enchanted Faerie Wings, Ahoy Sailor Hat, Police Captain Hat, Spring Flower, Butterfly Water Wings and the Sequin Bow.

Pet Stop Pals Adoption

The Pet Stop Pals Adoption Multipack is the second set in our list. This set contains a total of twelve limited edition pet figures, which are all 1 inch in size. One of those pet figures is the Gold Bunny. You will also get eight interchangeable accessories. Since you have adopted so many new pet figures, you also receive one adoption certificate. The redeemable code that comes with the Pet Stop Pals Adoption Multipack will reward you with the Pet Golden Bunny.

Safari Pets

The Safari Pets Multipack, the third set in our list, contains different kinds of pet figures. These animals can often be spotted during a safari run, such as a giraffe, and a rhino. This Multipack also comes with a total of twelve pets, six of which are Series 1 pets, and six are Series 2 pets. You will also get a total of twelve accessories, two collector’s guides and fun educational facts.

The redeemable code that comes with the Safari Pets Multipack will reward you with the rare Pet Golden Pony. You can see what the Pet Golden Pony looks like in the picture above.

Light Up Fancy Pets Heart Locket

The Light Up Fancy Pets Heart Locket is quite interesting. It contains a total of five pet figures and five interchangeable accessories. However, what makes this set interesting is the heart locket. With the heart locket, you can shine a light on the pet figures, which reveals a secret pattern on them. You also get an exclusive code that you can redeem to get the Glow In The Dark Pet Condo in-game item.

Pet Stop Pals Jamaa Adventure

The Pet Stop Pals Jamaa Adventure is the last Multipack set in our list. It contains a total of eleven limited edition pet figures, one of which is the exclusive Pet Golden Armadillo. It also comes with eight interchangeable accessories, as well as one adoption certificate. When you redeem the code that comes with this set, you will receive the Pet Golden Armadillo in AJ.

Where to Buy Animal Jam Multipack Toys

A few of the Multipack sets are currently still available on Amazon. For example, you can buy the Pet Stop Pals Adoption set for $11 on Amazon. A couple of the sets are also available on the Walmart website, but they tend to be out of stock. Lastly, you could always try to check out EBay for any Multipack listings. Keep in mind that EBay sellers usually mark up their listings, as they want to make a larger profit.

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