New Adventure & Canines Coming Soon to Animal Jam

So I’ve had a feeling some big news was coming soon and this week AJHQ delivered!  Check out the latest Animal Jam update!

First of all, there’s a brand new adventure called Storming the Fortress.  It’s up to you to stop the Phantom Fortress for the last time!  But will it really be the last time?  Something tells me no…

I know I’ve been behind on updating the Adventures guides but I’m going to try to get back at it during the next couple weeks.  Check back soon for a Storming the Fortress guide!

AJHQ seems to like the number 1000 because this week they announced that members can make up to 1000 animals!!  That’s soo many!  I can’t even think of 100 different animal combos I’d have.  Well maybe I can if I really tried :p  No more worrying about having too many animals now!

Another exciting announcement is that there’s a brand new ocean Diamond Shop where you can buy new ocean items!  I’ll make a new post about it as soon as I can get down there.

Horses are back from their travels and ready to rejoin the rest of the animals in Jamaa.  And to celebrate, there’s a new horses-only party!

Pet piglets have also come home to Jamaa so adopt yours now!  If you’ve been wanting to feel like a farmer in your den, you’re in luck!  There’s a new den called the Ol’ Barn that makes your den look just like a real barn.

More pet news, pet giraffes can now be adopted by any Jammer, even non members!  Now you can also display your best art masterpieces in any den too.

The next big news announcement is the Alphas have almost discovered another new hearthstone.  The clue is a picture of a stone that has the word “canidae” on it.  Another smart Jammer pointed out that Canidae is a dog-like family of animals so next new animal must be some kind of canine!  What do you think it will be??

The yearly National Geographic Bee is happening soon so to celebrate it there will be some special geography questions at the Temple of Trivia!

Last but not least, there is a new Animal Jam deluxe stationery set that you can get on Amazon.  It comes with an Animal Jam notebook, stickers, pencils and other cool stuff!  Now you can take your love of Animal Jam with you anywhere, even without internet!

Lots of big updates in Animal Jam this week, come back soon for more details!

  1. I love you game!!! Play wild, and computer!!! When I grow up, I want to make animal jam number2!!!

  2. I think the new animal will be an African wild dog because I saw the clue and I’m like is canidae even a word? So I looked it up and it popped up as some kind of dogs and wild dogs and foxes family. So I like African wild dogs, so I hope it’s one of those.

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