New Adventure – The Forgotten Desert & Other News!

There’s a new Animal Jam adventure called The Forgotten Desert!  This one is only available for eagles and you have to find all of the crystals that have been scattered all over the desert!


Pet hummingbirds have returned to Jamaa.  Get yours at the Diamond Shop!  Also, it’s been confirmed that the new animal is a Hyena.  Nice job to those who guessed what it would be!


Den portals are the latest must-have addition for your den!  Now you can visit your buddies dens directly from your den by entering the portal.  Pick one of these den portals up from the shop at the Lost Temple of Zios!


It’s almost that time of year again for the summer carnival!  Everyone’s favorite event will be back soon!  I cant wait to see what new games and prizes they have this year!


  1. the best prize i got from the forgotten desert was a rare cowboy hat and worst is a pair of clover ear muffs

    • No I got something even worst! I got a moon necklace, an ice block, and two sun necklaces! The best things I got is two spike wrists.

  2. they said it wrong, as u see the forgotten desert is not for eagles only i see owls too

  3. I got a rare bow and arrows with my eagle in the eagle adventure! My buddy got the rare claw! My other buddy got a rare spiked collar! We r all happy! =3

  4. I am so excited tomorrow! I will see if Hyenas are for non members and also, not in the DS (diamond shop)! And also, Beta days are better than membership days! No membership in Beta days. So fun! Now, it’s like, they want money and money and money. Why don’t they just make it all for free? say Beta if beta days are better and membership if membership days are better. Say it in the comments! 😉

  5. Hyenas are here! I wish Hyenas are non member animal. Because, like all cool and awesome animals are for members, no new animal for non members. That’s so sad. But now, Animal jam is being updated! I wish those Hyenas are for non members and we will get them for free… 🙁

  6. I like the hummmingbirds, they are rlly cute. I wish the den portals were for non members too. I hope the hyenas will be for non members. My sis has a friend who has a rare mustache from the forgotten desert adventure. I RLLY want one!! 😀 🙂 :3)

  7. i also heard that some betas have come back in the prizes of the forgotten dessert like member beards and other stuff but i think some people have worked hard to get them but now there back…

  8. i find the humming birds really cute and i wish the den portals were non members to i also hope that the hyenas are going to be non member

  9. I KNEW it was a Hyena!! Woot woot!! anyway… I RLLY wanted a portal, but they’re for members only!!! Ugh! My sisters and I were very mad at that, plus they didn’t say if it was for members and nonmembers. We were so mad! Ok. Other news, now that I’ve unleashed my anger a little bit… I like the pet hummingbirds. They’re rlly cute. I’m not excited about the new adventure, bcuz I knew it was gonna be for eagles. Ok, last thing, I’m kinda excited about the summer carnival, but yet not, bcuz last year’s wasn’t all fun for me. Bye

    • I GOTTA MUSTACHE!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!! I haven’t been able stop smiling, since I got it!!! 😀 ( I’m a non member too! ) 🙂 :3) 😀 :3D I just wish I could wear it.

  10. totally worth buying the den portals and the super sale. the hummingbird is great and i’m having a great time on the new adventure. can’t wait for the carnival!!! also animal jam is being updated right now so i’ll be checking out a couple more articles of yours, so bye!

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