New Animal Coming Soon & Spring Items Arrive at the Diamond Shop

Hey Jammers!  AJHQ has been off to a busy start releasing new items and animals so far in 2017!  Let’s see what’s new this week.

The highlight of this week’s Jamaa Journal is the release of new Spring Items at the Diamond Shop.  For the next 6 days, there will be 2 new spring items for sale every day.  One item will be the spring version of a popular item and the other will be a brand new spring item!  Each set of spring items will only be available for one day so try to log in every day to get the ones you want.

So the rest of this week’s Jamaa Journal is pretty much identical to last week’s so I’ll go quickly.  Llamas have returned so it’s time to get one while you can!

Pet hyenas are available for adoption now so head over to the Diamond Shop and get one.  There’s also a new Arctic Armor set that you can learn more about here.

Members have been getting more and more benefits so far this year, maybe it’s time to become a member?  We sometimes give away memberships here at AnimalJamWorld so check back for a chance to win one!

The Summer Carnival is returning to Jamaa but only for a short 2 weeks.  Go play there now while it’s still open!

Now this clue was also released last week but there are rumors of a new animal coming to Jamaa!  After doing some looking around, I found some tracks and slash marks in the Sarepia Forest.  Did anyone else see them?

Based on the tracks I think it’s either another big cat like a panther or it could be a bear.  But I don’t think it has enough claws to be a bear.  The tracks only have 4 claw marks which is the same as a panther or other big cat.  What do you think??

The Backyard Bird Hunt is still going on so make sure to keep an eye out in your own backyard to see what birds live near you!

Friendship items will soon be leaving the shops in Jamaa so buy the ones you want before it’s too late!

You can still get a bonus Snow Leopard bundle whenever you redeem an Animal Jam retail gift card.  Redeem yours today and you’ll get a snow leopard and some exclusive den items too!

That’s all for this week, stay tuned for more info on the new spring items.

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