New Animal Jam Adventure: Bitter Sweets!

Hey Jammers!  There’s a new Animal Jam adventure that just came out called Bitter Sweets!  Non-members will be happy to hear that this adventure is available for everyone, not just members!  The Phantoms have been stealing lots of candy and it’s up to you to get it back.  So get your pet and get ready to go on this Halloween adventure!


In other news, pandas are back!  They’ve been traveling for a while now and have just returned to Jamaa.  Pandas are available for everyone!  Also you can adopt a tarantula from the Diamond Shop if you dont mind having an eight legged bug following you around…


You’ve probably noticed some of the new decorations all over Jamaa for Night of the Phantoms.  The fun autumn event is at the end of this month, just like Halloween!  Check out the Haunted Mansion den too.


Those strange looking portals that have appeared all over Jamaa will take you to the Phantom Voretx, go check it out!  There’s even a Haunted Forest Party too with a bunch of fun Night of the Phantoms decorations.


If you’re looking for some new items to decorate your den, look no further than the Marine Marvels shop located in Deep Blue.  They have some new Alpha statues that will look great in your den!


Last but not least, Cheetahs are becoming endangered on October 23rd!  Be sure to purchase one before they go away for a while.


  1. I love adventure!
    And I love a phantoms
    Phantom are cute >~<
    And I like a pet I have 4 pets name is same, name is gosky, gosky is go-sky
    I love ANIMAL JAM!!???!!?!

  2. Is bitter sweets still here?

  3. I tried bitter sweets and when I finally get my member ship it I hosted an adventure and my player glitched it won’t let me play! Please fix this animal jam!

  4. I LOVE the new adventure!! It’s super fun! I got 3 prizes from it! You have to get ALOT of candy if you want all 5 prizes! I’m glad pandas are back. The one in the picture is ADORABLE!!! I CAN NOT WAIT for Halloween! The parties are RLLY fun too!!! I’m upset that the cheetahs are going away! I’m not a member but I still love ’em!!!

  5. i love animal jam i play it every day i love the new things on!

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