New Animal Jam Adventure: The Hive, Pets, and More!

Yesterday they announced a bunch of new for Animal Jam!  It looks like this month is going to be a good one, lets get started!  First, they announced a new adventure called “The Hive.”  It appears to be a nest full of phantoms that we’ll have to explore and defeat!  Expect a walkthrough guide soon!


Next, they announced that elephants are back in Jamaa!  They’ve been gone for a while now, but finally they are back and available for members to play as.  Also starting October 1st, members will be able to purchase tarantulas as pets at the diamond shop.  I’m scared of spiders so I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping one as a pet but it’s still cool!


You may have noticed the phantom portals all around Jamaa.  They lead to the Phantom Vortex which is a new area with games and prizes.  I’ll be making a guide for this soon too!  There are also migration banners posted all over Jamaa, have you found all 12 of them yet?


If you’ve played the Adventures, you’ve probably noticed it can be hard to find your way around sometimes.  That’s why they’ve recently added an adventures map to help you find your way around.  It really helps!  There’s also a rumor of a new animal spotted in Jamaa… Does anyone have any guesses what it might be?!



Edit: moshipop123321 pointed out that “Spotted” and “Fast” are capitalized in the post.  Can anyone think of what animal it might be now?

Let me know what you think of these new updates in the comments and expect a full guide for the new adventure and phantom vortex soon!  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I wish i could be a member =(

  2. I love October because we are always celebrating Halloween Parties! This year I would love to make my mother buy me a Medusa costume. It’s so awesome! But I need to wait until October. We are always celebrating at October 31. It sounds spooky you know? But it’s very fun! That’s all…

  3. i think it might be like a ocelot or something and that would be super cool considering i am like the worlds biggest cat fan!! ~ Buddy meh in aj my username is above~ Luv catlover3900

  4. i think it will be a cheetah
    they put “spotted” and “fast” in capitals

    • Oh wow I did not even notice that!! Good eye, I bet you’re right!

  5. Hmm……… I think the would make something unlike all the others…. Flamingo is a good guess…. Fox is kinda like cat, cheetah is too much like lion and leopard, and squirrel is more likely to be a pet. That narrows it down quite a bit.

  6. what do i do after i find all of the 12 banners???!!!! please reply to help me out!

    • I think the banners are just there for decoration and to give information. As far as I know, they don’t give you anything if you find all 12 of them. Sorry if I made it sound like they did in my post!

  7. Oooh I love October. They should make the new animal available for non members and make it look cool. My guess was a cheetah, Squirrel, Flamingo, or cat. :p

    • I think any of those animals would be cool! Can’t wait to see what it actually is!

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