New Animal Jam Adventure: Turning The Tide

Well this week’s update was a little bit of a letdown, I thought for sure that Otters would be here!  But the good news is that there’s a new Animal Jam Adventure called Turning the Tide.  In this ocean adventure, you must help the Alphas rescue Tavie the dolphin from the Phantoms!  Check back soon because I’ll be posting a walkthrough guide for this new adventure!


So the otters aren’t here this week but hopefully they will be soon!  Any guesses on when they’ll arrive?


The Jammers have spoken and the winner of the den item contest was the Ice Cream Parlor!  Jam Mart Furniture has a bunch of new ice cream parlor items for your den so be sure to check those out!


Pets are on sale this week in honor of Adoption Week!  If you’ve been waiting to adopt a new pet, now is the time!



That’s all I’ve got for news right now, check back soon for more otter updates and a walkthrough guide for Turning the Tide!

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