New Animal Jam Code for 1000 Gems – November 2015

Hey everyone there’s a new Animal Jam code that just came out for November 2015.  Using the code will add 1000 gems to your account for free when you log in!  Here’s the newest working AJ promo code.

animals – 1000 gems


All you need to do is enter the code when you login to Animal Jam and you’ll have 1000 gems waiting for you.  This code comes just in time for the holidays so if you’ve been waiting to buy presents, here’s your chance!

Click here for a full list of Animal Jam codes.

If you have any questions about how to redeem AJ codes, visit our codes page for more information.  Check back soon for the newest working Animal Jam codes!

  1. Even though it has expired i like that you are helping the community. And guys, please down rush them and say ”Please can i have this!” ”Please can i have that!” They have other useful things they are working on for the community, as it is best not to rush them.

  2. can you relese 10 diamond codes i need a arctic wolf or a eagle release as many as you can ajhq!!!!

  3. we like a animaljam case you were happy

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