New Animal Jam Rares Page

Hey Everyone!

Acrowdedstreet has written another awesome guide for Animal Jam!  This one is all about Animal Jam rares.  So if you’ve ever wondered what rares are or how to get them, check out this guide!


Let us know what you think of the new guide and also if there is anything else you’d like to see here at Animal Jam World!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. plzz plz plz make a code for nerd glasses i really want tem my user is babyblueberry14 freind me

  2. make a code for nerd glasses plz

  3. plz make a code to become a member and for nerd glasses my user is enchantedsnowybunn

  4. Plz make a code for nerd glasses I really need them. My username is grimacegrungeebungee.

  5. plz gift me a heddress in animal jam it would make my day my user is bluepanda52 if you do u are the best jammer ever

  6. Km I will buddy u kk

  7. i RLLLLLLLLLLY realy want a spike collar thats any color i mostly want black,purple,blue,pink im Emmy17117 if u gift me i will gift something back <3 :O

  8. Can you make codes for rare bat wings?plzzzz buddy me bt im saffyangel100.wait.. i have rare bat wings!!!! oh… plz can u buddy me anyways??

  9. I have an non rare spike btw I’m brill16 and I’m making a video tomorrow i hope thatthis works to get rates.

  10. And my friend told me alot about this website, she was like eating my head saying this website is very very helpful n all! And she said she got these all things! So i wish you can give me a spike, rare or non rare its your choice cuz im CRAZY about SPIKES!!!

    Hope it’ll HELP!!!!!!!

  11. Guyz!! Im a non- member but i still want a rare spike! Anycolor because i badly want a spike and im crazy getting it and so i haven’t got any yet so i want any color, on tarathewolf10.

    Hope this website is helpful!! 🙂

  12. omg plz make codes for nerd glasses!
    BTW plz buddy me I’m arielmurillo

  13. hi pls give me

  14. omg plz make codes for nerd glasses!
    BTW plz buddy me I’m richgirls3515

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