A New Canidae Family Member Joins the Pack in Jamaa

Attention Jammers!  If you’re a fan of the wolves and foxes in Jamaa, then you’re in for a treat!  It was announced a couple weeks ago that a new Canidae family member would be coming to Jamaa.  Well, they’re here!

That’s right, coyotes have officially arrived in Jamaa.  You can find them at the Diamond Shop along with all of the other newest Animal Jam critters.  There’s also a new minibook at the Chamber of Knowledge where you can learn all about the coyotes!

To add to the excitement of their arrival, coyotes have brought a whole set of Wild West gears with them.  This new armor set is also available at the Diamond Shop but only for a limited time.  Turn your coyote into a real bandit with this adventurous outfit!

The land areas weren’t the only part of Jamaa to welcome a new visitor this week – pet sharks have swam their way into Jamaa’s ocean.  You can get your very own pet shark in Crystal Reef at the Flippers N’ Fins shop.  What better way to travel the ocean than with a pet shark by your side?!

The Graham’s Workshop adventure has returned to Jamaa but I’m not sure for how long.  It’s a neat adventure where you can create your own items and accessories by collecting resources and crafting them.  I know everyone loves rare items, but what’s more special than an item that you made yourself?  Now that’s cool!

Lions are now traveling so you won’t be able to create a new one for a while.  But in happier news, rumor has it that dolphins are coming back soon!

If you’re still thinking about signing up for the Animal Jam Box, do it!!  The spring 2017 box is still available so sign up while you still can.  Once you sign up, you’ll get awesome Animal Jam gear delivered to your door every 3 months!  I wonder what will be in the summer edition?!

Stay tuned for more Animal Jam news and updates for 2017!

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