New Daily Spin Prizes!

So I know AJHQ updated the Daily Spin a few weeks ago and added some new prizes and items but I thought I’d make a post about it now!  They added a second chance to get a Diamond which is pretty cool!  It’s nice because it gives non-members another chance to get Diamonds.

They also added the chance to get gifts.  Check out this spin I did yesterday where I got 3x gifts!  I was pretty surprised when it landed on that.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any rare items from it but I still thought it was cool!


What’s the best Daily Spin prize you’ve gotten?!  Has anybody gotten 3x Diamonds before??  That would be awesome!  Tell me what your best win from the Daily Spin was in the comments.

  1. i remebr once, at my school i was playing aj on my new account. i still use the old one though. i logged in, and my bonus was 3x. i spun it and i was like ‘OMG!!! 3 DIAMONDS!!!’ so i bought the seal claw. i was really lucky because it was a non member claw (now claws are betas) and it was a SEAL claw!!! i was so happy.

  2. well, hi btw how are u so lucky?

  3. I’m a nonmember, have 35 diamonds and a two trade lists full of rares. Add me, Seal4840.

  4. I’m a nonmember, yet I actually have like 20 diamonds from the daily spin. There’s not really anything good to get in the Diamond Shop for nonmembers. I’ve also gotten the prizes several times. For me, they always give me rare, most of which are for members.

  5. i have 15 diamonds, which is 3×5, so i got 3 diamonds on the daily spin 5 times.

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