New Daily Spin Prizes!

So I know AJHQ updated the Daily Spin a few weeks ago and added some new prizes and items but I thought I’d make a post about it now!  They added a second chance to get a Diamond which is pretty cool!  It’s nice because it gives non-members another chance to get Diamonds.

They also added the chance to get gifts.  Check out this spin I did yesterday where I got 3x gifts!  I was pretty surprised when it landed on that.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any rare items from it but I still thought it was cool!


What’s the best Daily Spin prize you’ve gotten?!  Has anybody gotten 3x Diamonds before??  That would be awesome!  Tell me what your best win from the Daily Spin was in the comments.

  1. OH MY GOD. I’ve so obviously gotten 3x diamonds! Three days in a row and then I got 3x gifts, if u want u can buddy me my user is beebunny54

  2. I got 3 diamonds about 5 times and 3 rares on the gift one only once all on the daily spin.
    Username: thiry

  3. 3 times diamonds on both acconts

  4. tojam is a code for 1000 gems
    only works once

  5. I’ve gotten x3 diamonds 3 times before! XD Though I’ve never gotten a gift.

  6. I get diamond on the daily spin EVERYDAY. I am not kidding. I did a glitch so i can get diamond everyday.
    my username-> supernaturalxforever add me if you want
    Have a great day jammers!

  7. 3 diamonds and rare spike wrist and headdress from the gift one but all of my stuff was hacked so no more of that

  8. i was so lucky i got diamonds in a row on the daily spin!
    thats why i got an eagle and 2 diamond dens

    please buddy me or gift me im tyoo37

  9. Hai i super duper want to play wild beta but i hath IOS but it still wont let me :/

  10. Aj is a great game because not only the members have fun bbut also non members do. Though the only problem with it you cant say what u want which is crap and plus i need more codes anyone got any???….

  11. When is the next beta test announcement?

  12. HI that was good but I wish it was………. wats the word oh yeah FUN

  13. once i got 3 diamond

  14. I like the new daily spin. The prizes aren’t the best though… My lil sisters get mad when I get diamonds XD apparently they need some!

  15. i’ve gotten 3x diamonds and gifts before ^_^ my user is: Honesty92317

    • hi my user is Lordlollypop. i have made vids and cheats for aj. if u want rares or want to know how to get them plz jamagram me. thx u!

    • Same I have gotten it 3 times since it came out on the Daily Spin. I was also a long time member since 2010 and still am today.

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