New Diamond Pets: Rhino, Giraffe, & Hummingbird

It’s been a while since I’ve updated with the newest pets that have come to Animal Jam.  I think that the last update about pets I did was for the cheetah so I’m a bit behind!  There have been three new pets that have arrived at the Diamond Shop since I last updated: rhinos, giraffes, and hummingbirds.

Pet Rhinos


Pet rhinos are available at the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds each.  They might be my favorite new pets yet!



Pet Giraffes


Pet giraffes recently came to the Diamond Shop too.  These little miniature giraffes are sure to keep you company while you explore Jamaa.


Pet Hummingbirds


Pet hummingbirds are the smallest new pets to come to the Diamond Shop.  I think I’d rather have a pet eagle than a pet hummingbird but they’re still pretty neat!


  1. please make a code for member to get diamonds and pets thank you!!!!!!

  2. Aww so cute especially. The rhino they are all cute I wish I got one?!@$

  3. cool! I ooo want oe!

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