New Jammer Snaps Contest Featuring Sand Castle Theme

Attention Animal Jam fans! Jammer Snaps are back, with various Jammers celebrating a Summer Carnival Parade from all over the world. Various Jammers have been featured as part of the Summer Carnival Parade, including Victory Snowyclaws, Leaping Poshmoon, Awesome Thegirl, Blossom Spiritclaws, and Rosy Therose.

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The Jammers that are featured automatically receive a free plaque for their den. If you would like to get a plaque for your den, you can participate by entering the Jammer Snaps contest, which is now featuring sand castle snapshots. Jammers will need to submit photos of them with their own sand castle creations, and as always, the art must be yours and you cannot submit personal information in order to have your entry valid for this contest.

The submissions will continue until July 19, 2015, and it is best to submit your entry a few days before the deadline, since you might end up forgetting if you wait until the last minute. You might want to make a few different sand castles and then have your friends or family help you in picking out the best one, especially if you want to become featured and get on the Daily Explorer page. You need to submit your snap by titling it “Jammer Snaps” through Jammer Central, which is in Jammer Township. Remember, you need to make the best sand castles possible in order to be considered for this contest, which means that you should work hard to get everything perfect before you submit your artwork. Of course, make sure that your sand castle follows the rules and does not contain anything that would be inappropriate.

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