New Ocean Adventure Available for Everyone!

So there have been a few awesome updates to Animal Jam over the last couple weeks.  The biggest update is a new ocean adventure called Bubble Trouble.  This is the very first ocean adventure and the best part is it’s available for everyone to play!


They’ve also added new features to the daily spin like rare prizes and more chances to win diamonds!


There’s even a new armor available at the Diamond Shop called the Spirit Armor!  Be sure to go there and check it out!


Have you wanted to tell AJHQ your idea for the next awesome item?!  Well now’s your chance!  You can send in your drawing for what you think the next new accessory should be!


Finally, Lions will be going endangered on June 26th and you will no longer be able to purchase them from the Diamond Shop!  Be sure to get yours soon while you can!


  1. Aww no lions…

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