12 Exclusive Spring Items for 2017

So as you may have read in the Jamaa Journal, AJHQ is releasing 12 new Animal Jam spring items over the next 6 days.  Each day there will be 2 exclusive spring items for sale for only one day.

The spring items will be sold at the Diamond Shop in the items area.  Rumor has it that one item will be a spring remake of a popular existing item and the other will be a brand new spring item that has never been seen!

If you missed a spring item that you really wanted, comment below and see if anyone wants to trade.  You can also comment if you have spring items you want to trade.  I think these rare spring items will be some of the most popular accessories this spring!

Spring Elf Tail Armor & Spring Flower Braid – 2/24/17

Spring Elf Tail Armor

Cost: 3 Diamonds

Spring Flower Braid

Cost: 3 Diamonds

Spring Double Ribbon Bow & Spring Mask – 2/25/17

Spring Double Ribbon Bow

Cost: 2 Diamonds

Spring Mask

Cost: 3 Diamonds

Spring Bow and Arrows & Spring Dragonfly Hair Clip – 2/26/17

Spring Bow and Arrows

Cost: 3 Diamonds

Spring Dragonfly Hair Clip

Cost: 3 Diamonds

Spring Worn Blanket & Spring Lace Bow – 2/27/17

Spring Worn Blanket

Cost: 2 Diamonds

Spring Lace Bow

Cost: 3 Diamonds

Spring Glove & Spring Baby Bonnet – 2/28/17

Spring Glove

Cost: 3 Diamonds

Spring Baby Bonnet

Cost: 3 Diamonds

There was a glitch where it wouldn’t show the spring bonnet when you looked at it in the store!

Spring Party Hat & Spring Sun Hoodie – 3/1/17

Spring Party Hat

Cost: 3 Diamonds

Spring Sun Hoodie

Cost: 3 Diamonds

These Spring items are no longer for sale at the Diamond Shop but you can still get them by trading with other Jammers!

How to Get the Spring 2017 Items

It’s ok if you didn’t get all these spring items when they came out.  You can still try trading for them if you find a Jammer that has what you want!  Just be nice and respectful when asking them.

You can comment on this page if you’re looking for any of these items and hopefully another Jammer will reply.  Just be sure to follow all of these trading tips so everything goes smoothly!

I also was able to get some of the new spring 2017 items while they were for sale so I may be doing a giveaway with some of them.  What do you think of the spring items?  Which ones are your favorites?

  1. You seem rare.. I just started two days ago. I went on many adventures and I’m starting to do well in the game. I feel drawn towards party hats.. Like I said, I don’t have much but I’d like to trade someday when the adventures give me good stuff again. P.S. Do you have the worn? I’d trade for that too, maybe the elf tail, as well.

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