New Tunnel Town Bunnies: Roadrunner Rabbit & Albino Bunny

Two new types of bunnies have recently come to Tunnel Town!  First of all, Roadrunner rabbits have been “spotted” around Tunnel Town.  These quick and quirky little guys make another excellent addition to anyone’s burrow!


Along with the Roadrunner rabbits, there are now Albino bunnies too!  These super rare bunnies aren’t even available for sale!  You’ve gotta figure out how to breed one if you want one in your burrow.  Hop on over to the Bunny Breeding Guide to see how to make one for yourself!  Here’s a little hint on how to get an Albino bunny, pictured below.


I also want to thank everyone for all of your help with adding bunny combinations to the Breeding Guide!  I really couldn’t do it without your help.  Lets make this the best Tunnel Town breeding guide around!

Can’t wait to see what other kinds of bunnies they come out with next!  Anyone have any guesses?!?


  1. i know how to breed both albino bunny is

  2. Can you add the time to every bunny?I mean it’d mean so much to me!


  3. Hi! I play Tunnel Town (ADDICTED <3) and I've been trying to get a Albino Bunny since it came out. I have tried almost ever combination (Not the St. Patties Day bunnies.)
    I know a website for every combination to every bunny, except the Albino Bunny combination(s) do not work.
    Can someone give me a working combination? 🙂
    Thank you!
    P.s.: I would buy a Albino Bunny, but I only have 86 stars. And I don't have 50$ to go spend on a virtual game (:/) and the price for a Albino Bunny would cost 50$, so in my opinion that's not fair.

  4. I have no idea how did i got my albino bunny. I used a bunny of
    Paradise ( blue green one ) and the dust bunny ( the lighter one ) to get a roadrunner bunny ( red with white spots).

  5. I know how to breed both albino bunny is fjord and something else roadrunner is paradise and dust

  6. Hi I’m having some trouble, whenever I use the combos provided it doesn’t show up!! Please can someone give me a combo that doesn’t include the st pack day bunny please thanks again Daizy

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