New Tunnel Town Rooster Bunnies & the Founder Bunny is Back!

Attention Tunnel Town players!  Big news this week…first of all, there’s a brand new bunny available – the Rooster bunny!  These bunnies have left the chicken coop and arrived just in time for fall.


Rooster bunnies can be purchased at the market for a whopping 400 stars or you can head over to the Bunny Breeding Guide and see how to get one yourself for free!  I’m still looking for help with finding more combinations to make the rooster bunny so if you know any, please leave them in the comments.

The other exciting bit of Tunnel Town news is that the founder bunny has made a return, but only for a short time.  Those of you who have been playing Tunnel Town since it came out may remember getting a founder bunny when you first started playing.


The founder bunny is very rare and as far as I know, there isn’t a way to breed them.  After the founder bunny made it’s first appearance in Tunnel Town, it disappeared leaving a lot of new players wishing they had one.

Well now they’re back and you can buy them at McFluffin’s Market for a limited time!  Founder bunnies will only be for sale until the end of September so make sure you get yours while you can!

Come back soon for more Tunnel Town updates and please be sure to share any breeding combos you find in the comments.  I’ll give you credit on the Breeding Guide page for any new combinations you find!

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  1. You should put more at the end like the lava Isint the end and maybe go to space also I would like to be able to breed your own unique bunnies 🐰 Please this would be AMAZING 🤩😝😁

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