New Updates – Polar Bears!

Hiya guys! It is Magicann! BIG news! A new animal!!!!!! What do you think it is? I think a polar bear! It was kinda easy. I mean “In the middle of a snowstorm”. Obvious! I am sooo exited!

New Animal

Amazing! I am guessing that it will be in the diamond shop so save up! And the new den items! Killer! They look so cool in a haunted den!

polar bear

So cute!


Cya! Magicann


  1. Guys they are never going to spare us and put polar bears out for gems or non members. Think about ALL the other new animals and where did an put them? In the diamond shop! Yes I know the deer’s were for gems but that was for like ONE TIME

  2. thx soooo much i was wondering what is was and now I’m sooooo exited.Cant wait.

  3. woah

  4. IM So Excited!I’m gonna ask my mom to get me a membership at Christmas. Do you think all A’s and A+’s are good enough?

    I love polor bares but I do agree with YO-FACE because cant u just make a panda all white to have a polor bare

  6. I know its so obvious I’m so excited and first! Its a polar bear! I am saving up my diamonds for sure. I will make a polar bear and a grizzly bear out of it I always wanted bears in jamaa

  7. Omg can’t wait for the polar bear 😀

  8. Oh my guinea pigs, YAY!!! I love polarbears!!!
    But the only thing I don’t understand is, they already have pandas,
    and you could just turn them white. But, the polarbears will be bigger too….
    Well, i’m prettying up my grades, so i can get an animal jam card with 25 gems. I’m going to buy an otter and a snow leopard, then wait 5 weeks to get 5 extra diamonds. I promise you, if i would have thought when i purchased the cheetah, I would have purchased the snow leopard.

    Well, thanks though!!! Buddy me, im whatever00802

    • No way! I got a Cheetah and I cant even put into words my regrets in doing so. Why not have a more powerful snow leopard? Nothing even looks right on my cheetah

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