Night of the Phantoms 2013

It’s officially fall now so you’ve probably noticed the leaves have changed colors around Jamaa.  You’ve also probably seen the decorations for Night of the Phantoms 2013!  All around Jamaa there are jack-o-lanterns and phantoms scattered around for Animal Jam’s version of Halloween; Night of the Phantoms!


If you haven’t been in Jamaa for Night of the Phantoms before, you’re in for a treat.  Every year there are awesome new Halloween items, accessories, and even special Night of the Phantoms secrets!  This year there will also be pet bats available during the month of October!  According to the Jamaa Journal, you’ll have to find the bats at the Spooky Night of the Phantoms party!


That’s right, there are two Night of the Phantoms parties this year!   There is a spooky party and a haunted forest party for NOTP 2013!  In addition to the Halloween parties, there will also be a haunted mansion den.


Start picking your costumes out now and invite your friends to join you at the haunted mansion for Night of the Phantoms 2013!  See you there!


  1. i havent seen the spooky party when does it come out? i have only seen the haunted forest party.

    • I’m not sure, it should be soon though! I’ll try to keep you posted 🙂

  2. when does Night of the Phantoms come out??

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