November Spiked Sale – Mystical, Tattered, Striped & Neon Spikes

Exciting news Jammers!  Another Spiked Sale is coming to Jamaa for the weekend of November 23rd through the 26th.  If you’re reading this post, the Spiked Sale may already be over.  But don’t worry!  We’re here to show you all the new spikes that came during the sale.

There were 4 new variations of spiked collars and wristbands released during this sale – Mystical, Tattered, Striped and Neon spikes!  These spikes were part of a 4 day long sale where you could buy them at the Diamond Shop.

Each collar and wristband came in 8 different color varieties which include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, white, cyan, and cream.  That makes for a total of 64 new spikes with all the different colors!  Each spike cost 3 diamonds at the Diamond Shop.

If you missed out on this Spiked Sale don’t feel too bad!  There will be more sales in the future.  And until then, you can always trade with other Jammers to get these spikes.  Now let’s take a look at all of the new spikes and you can decide which ones you like best.  Comment below with your favorites and see if anyone wants to trade!

Mystical Spikes

The Mystical spike collars and wristbands are made up of rectangular pieces that form a ring.  Each of the individual spikes is striped with the main color and black.

Mystical Spike Collar

Mystical Spiked Wristbands

Neon Spikes

The Neon spikes are all bright solid colors and were sold as both collars and wristbands.  There are 8 different colors of neon spikes including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, cyan, purple and pink.

Neon Spiked Collars

Neon Spike Wristband

Striped Spikes

The Striped spikes might be my favorite of the 4 new spikes from this sale.  Each striped spike collar and wristband features a main color with lighter color stripes.

Striped Spike Collars

Striped Spiked Wristbands

Tattered Spikes

Tattered spiked collars and wristbands have a split design where each half is a different color.  Based on the popularity of worn items in the past, I think these tattered spikes will be a big hit.

Tattered Spiked Collars

Tattered Spike Wristband

Now that’s a lot of spikes!  So many to choose from, which ones are your favorite??  Are some of them worth more than others?  Comment below!

Since the November 2017 Spiked Sale is now over, the best way to get the mystical, neon, tattered, and striped spikes is by trading with other Jammers.  I doubt there will be any codes released for these spikes, but I could be wrong.  As of right now your best bet is to post which spikes you have or want and see what players offer!

You can try approaching other players in the game who are wearing these spikes – but chances are if they’re wearing the item, they probably like it enough to want to keep it.  So comment below and let others know what you want and what you’re willing to trade!

  1. I want this 0.0

  2. give me pls box

  3. hi aj im hotcocoakitty would you give me rare mystical non memer spike pls also free membership dont care how long as long a it over 1 month its to expensive!

  4. On aj, I have three rare fox hats, two rare bow and arrows, and a rare worn blanket. If anyone wants a fox hat, I’ll give one(but only one person, sorry) I’m trying to get a headress…
    My user is sydney68.
    My user on ajpw is Firechicken243, so if anyone wants to buddy me… I’m on a lot XD…

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