Ocean Areas Secrets & Guide – Animal Jam

Animal Jam has 4 ocean areas on the Jamaa map.  These areas range from colorful coral reefs to the deepest parts of the ocean.  Be sure to have an ocean animal created to explore these areas.  You’ll find guides for each of the ocean areas below.  These guides have journey guide cheats, area information, and other interesting secrets.

Bahari Bay: Bahari Bay is like an underwater Jamaa Township.  This is one of the more popular ocean areas so you’ll surely meet some other Jammers here.  Also the only ocean area where you can buy clothing!

Crystal Reef: This area is the most colorful of all the ocean areas.  Although it has less attractions than other places, the coral reefs are very nice to look at.  Purchase underwater pets here as well.

Deep Blue: Deep Blue is the deepest, most deserted ocean area.  Swim to the bottom of the ocean to observe some of the strangest fish in the sea.

Kani Cove: This area is full of shipwrecks and other debris.  Explore the sunken ships and purchase ocean items for your den here!

  1. hi. can i have a member ship code? thanks! my name is my aj user

  2. Hi animal jam world…I was wondering. if you had an aj account and had free chat can i have a membership code? its no fair when your only a nm and members get everything its stupid.
    well anyway love you guys i hope you respond and my user is Springkitty20000

  3. Where are the oceans? They are not on my map!
    How do I buy the ocean creatures!
    Please help!

  4. i love it this game is awsome

  5. im a seal

  6. News!
    deep BLu now has the ocean den shop xD xd XD
    IN crystal reef there is a entrance to the ocean base camp!
    so there you have it, Folks!

  7. so what I completed all and im nm

  8. il est peut etre cool se jeu mais la le jeu c’est juste de me chauffer a cose d’un beug alors c’est super grave oulan bon je vai reassaiyer

  9. guess wha
    completed kani cove journey book
    im a seal

    • what do u get when u finish ur kani cove part? i really want to know. btw in Wonderkat0

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