New Ocean Diamond Shops in Sunken Treasures & Bahari Bargains

Recently in the Jamaa Journal they announced two new ocean diamond shops so I went for a dive to check them out myself!  Hopefully there are some new items we haven’t seen yet.

Each of the new diamond shops are underwater so you will need an aquatic animal to find them.  One of the shops has diamond den items and the other has diamond clothing and accessories.

The new diamond shops are pretty easy to find if you’re familiar with the water areas of Animal Jam.  They’re located in the main shop in Bahari Bay and Kani Cove.

Bahari Bargains Ocean Diamond Shop – Clothing Items & Accessories

The first new underwater diamond shop is located in Bahari Bay.  Go inside the Bahari Bargains Shop and you’ll see a golden clamshell with a trident and diamond inside.  Click on it to access the ocean diamond shop!

The Bahari Bargains diamond shop had the 6 items below when it was first opened.  I’m sure they’ll add more items as time goes on!  But for now, there’s a good selection of new diamond clothing items in this shop.

First of all we have to check out the new diamond spiked collars and wristbands for sale here.  More new spike item accessories!!  I’ve never seen any with diamond spikes before so I’m pretty sure this is a first.  Both the collar and wristbands come in many color so there’s sure to be one you like!

There’s also a selection of headwear like the tiara below.  Plus you can find diamond flippers and a new amulet there too!

I’m really excited about these new diamond shop items and I can’t wait to see what else AJHQ adds over time!  Let’s go see what the other new ocean diamond shop is like.

Sunken Treasures Ocean Diamond Shop – Den Items

The other new ocean diamond shop can be found in Kani Cove.  The Sunken Treasures shop is located inside of the sunken ship.  Swim inside and you’ll see the new diamond shop, you can’t miss it!

This ocean diamond shop has new diamond den items for sale.  These items are sure to add a special exclusive feel to your den!  Note, these items can only be used in underwater dens.  More items will probably be added later on.

I really like all the new shell themed furniture, especially this aquatic throne in a giant clam shell.  Looks like it’s time to give my underwater den a makeover!

If you ever get tired of looking at all of the coral around your ocean den, you can decorate it with these lanterns and brighten things up a bit!

It seems like a lot of Jammers sometimes forget about the ocean areas in Jamaa and I think these new diamond shops are just the thing to bring players back!  What do you think about the ocean diamond shops?

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