Online Safety Diamond Challenge

There is a new online challenge going on right now which is the Diamond Challenge for Online Safety. Jammers from all over Animal Jam can submit to this challenge, but keep reading to find out just what you have to do.


First, you need to submit 1-2 paragraphs on online safety, but include tips that are important to you. There will be 5 winners who are going to win 5 diamonds each for their submission. Only the best five entries will win diamonds, so make sure your online safety submission is detailed and specific to you. You need to submit your article through Jammer Central, which is in JAMAA Township. You always can visit the Help Center in Animal Jam to learn about some of the most important online safety tips, and then you can pick which tips are crucial to you, and you can also add some of your own as well.

You need to submit your entries by 9 pm MST on August 23, 2015, in order to be selected. The five Jammers who won the diamonds will be announced later in the week in anther post. Remember, you cannot submit personal information so make sure you just stick to online safety, and don’t get too specific about your location, age or other information. Any Jammers can enter the contest so make sure you enter even if you don’t think you will win, but submit your best work for the highest chance of winning. There are thousands of submissions so if you don’t win this one, try again on the next Diamond Challenge.

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