Animal Jam Ostriches – Will They Be Released?!

There are dozens of different animals in Animal Jam. AJHQ often releases new animals, and this means that Jammers have the opportunity to buy and become those animals. That being said, there are some animals that were either announced, or shown to the players, but never made it into the game. An example of an animal that never got released into the game is the Ostrich.

The Ostrich is known for being the largest bird in the world. It is flightless, which means that it is not able to fly around like other birds. It has long legs, as well as a long neck. A cool thing about Ostriches is that they can grow up to be about 9 feet. The Ostrich would have been one of the more unique animals, if it ever got released into the game. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Ostrich, and check out what it looks like.

Alphas and Heartstones

In 2016, AJHQ held a poll, and allowed Jammers to vote on one of three animals that they would like to see in Animal Jam. The poll was featured in Jamaa Journal volume 164. The article was called Alphas and Heartstones. Jammers were asked where the Alphas should look for new animals. There were a total of three choices; Ostriches in the dry savannas, Sloths in the forests or Falcons in the skies.

The majority of Jammers voted for the Falcon to be added to the game. The Sloth came in second and the Ostrich came in third. Even though the Sloth was voted second place, it also made it into the game. It is not clear if the Ostrich will also get released at some point, but the fact that the Sloth also got released means that there is always a chance.

AJ Ostrich Appearance

During the Alphas and Heartstones poll, you were able to see what the three animals looked like. In the picture below, you can see the voting screen for the Ostrich. The Ostrich has a large body, with long legs and a long neck. Its body has brown/black feathers, while its neck has a light pink/white color. Its beak and legs are light orange. This was probably meant to be the default look of the Ostrich, if it was voted in and released into Animal Jam.

In the picture below, you can see the overview of the poll. The question of the poll was “Which Heartstone should the Alphas search for next?”. There were a total of three choices; the Falcon, Sloth and Ostrich. The majority of players voted for the Falcon. The Sloth came in second, and the Ostrich came in last. Both the Falcon and Sloth got released into Animal Jam. This means that the Ostrich may be released in the future.

Ostrich Codes for Animal Jam

There are currently no codes available for the Ostrich, and there probably never will be. The reason for that is the fact that it is an unreleased animal. There is still a chance for it to get released, especially because of the fact that the Sloth got released as well, even though it was voted second place.

If any websites tell you that they have codes for the Ostrich, they are simply lying, and are trying to scam you. Never enter your Animal Jam username and password on any other website but the official AJ website. If you do, scammers are able to take over your account, and transfer all your items and pets to themselves. I will update this post if I hear more about the release of Ostriches into Animal Jam, or if I find any useful codes.

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