Owls are Here!

Hello jammers! Owls have finally arrived in Jamaa! They are very small, but look great. Check it out! Lots of other new things are here as well. Let’s get started!

Owls are Here

Owls are finally here to stay! These animals are in the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds. They have the same abilities as Eagles do! They can fly, and are one of Jamaa’s smallest animals.

Darling Cleverfly


This is a picture of my own owl, Darling Cleverfly. It is super cute!

Pizza Parlor

The den contest winner is the Pizza Parlor! You can now open your very own Pizzaria! Items are already in stores!



Heart Scarf and Chef HatPizza Items


These items will surely help make your Pizza Parlor very cool! There is even a nice chef’s hat in Jam Mart Clothing! The newest Valentine’s Day item is the Heart Scarf. Very lovely, and will surely keep you warm in the cold weather.



Safe Net Day Taking Flight


Lastly, Safer Internet Day is coming up on February 10th. Make sure you stay safe all year round! Jamaa has put around banners informing everyone how to stay safe online. Happy Jamming!

Now that Owls are out, the Museums are all updated! Check out the Chamber of Knowledge and Appondale Conservation to find out more about animals in the sky!

That’s all for now! Comment below your thoughts and opinions! I would love to hear them all.


  1. any owl codes? and on denvart im pinkamania!!!

  2. A new code for 500 gems: friendship

  3. I found a new code for 500 gems it’s: friendship

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